Protesting march

Demonstrations – 20 October 2012

Yesterday saw huge numbers on the three demonstrations – in London, Glasgow and Belfast. I bemused by some of the claims on numbers form the police which seemed to significantly underestimate the turnout. The FBU contingent, which was towards – but not at – the back, took over four hours to get to...

Fire engine leaving station

Tunnel 2 Towers Run

I have just got back from attending the inaugural London Tunnel 2 Towers run. This charity fundraising event is based on similar runs which now take place in various parts of the USA – and indeed other countries. You can read more here. The London...


Thomas Hepburn memorial service

On Saturday (13 October) I attended the Thomas Hepburn memorial service at St. Mary’s church Heworth. I was invited to address the service by the North East area of the NUM. It was a great honour to attend and to be able to speak and I am very grateful for the invitation...

Matt Wrack

Kingston – building for 20 October

Last night I attended and spoke at a public meeting in Kingston. This had been organised by the local Trade Council to build support for the demonstration on 20 October. I know similar organising meeting are taking place all over the country. I made the point that we need longer term co-ordination...


The Workers’ Song

I went to see Dick Gaughan last weekend. And as we build for the demonstrations on 20 October here’s a tune. I suppose partly for those who will be marching in Glasgow… …also done by the Dropkick Murphys (from Boston) but written by a man from the North East of England.


Birmingham – for TUC demonstration

Yesterday (Sunday 0ctober 7th) I was up in Birmingham to speak at a demonstration called by the West Midlands TUC. It was called because the Tory conference is meeting in the city and it provided local workers and community groups the opportunity to express their anger at what is being done to...

Firefighter in engine passenger seat

Delay in government pension proposals

Government sets deadline and then fails to comply with it I am making this entry this evening so that members viewing the wesbite can gain a quick update – a circular will be issued covering these points tomorrow. I am sure you will be aware that the government set a deadline of 20 January 2012 for...

Firefighter sitting after fire

Article in the Morning Star

I wrote this article for the Morning Star, published on Wednesday The attacks firefighters and other public sector workers face on pensions are truly unprecedented. We have had battles over pensions before, but the range of attacks we are facing today and the scale of the attack on our living...