A collection of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) conference policies going back to 1975.

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Trade Union Act

Year: 2017 (Executive council policy statement)

On 4 May 2016 the Trade Union Act received royal assent. The FBU strongly opposes the Act, which adds to some of the most restrictive anti-union laws in Europe. The union made detailed submissions...

The right to criticise

Year: 2016 (Emergency resolution 4)

Conference is appalled at the strategy of some within the Labour Party, the Tories and the right wing press in trying to stir up a false storm of anti-Semitism within the Party. Conference is...

Pensions appeal mechanism

Year: 2016 (Emergency resolution 2)

Conference notes with concern the decision of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service on 7th March 2016, stating that a member of the FBU was not entitled to appeal the outcome of a review of pension...


Year: 2016 (9)

This Conference is of the opinion that the pay increases received over the last 10 years, when offset against inflation increases over the same period, has left FBU Members in a worse financial...

Flexible working

Year: 2016 (6)

Conference notes the content of circular NJC/01/15 dealing with amendments to the Scheme of Conditions of Service (Grey Book) arising from legislative change.

The Employment Rights Act...

Brigade organiser toolkit

Year: 2016 (46)

The role of Brigade Organiser within the FBU has been identified as having an overall responsibility for developing an effective and efficient Union, with a range of key responsibilities given to...

Representation of control members

Year: 2016 (45)

This Conference recognises the current challenges faced by the FBU in relation to the recruitment, retention, and organisation of our Members particularly within Emergency Fire Controls, and calls...

Resolution amendment

Year: 2016 (44)

Conference notes that, following the submission of resolution proposals for inclusion in Conference preliminary agenda, when proposed resolutions are ruled out of order by Standing Orders...