Policies agreed at the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), dating back to 1975, can be found on this page.


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Arrangements and organising for conference

Year: 2018 (xx)

Conference is concerned that the current timescales applicable to the submission of resolutions do not take proper account of the modern pace of change within Fire and Rescue Services and can...

Resolution progress reporting

Year: 2018 (xx)

Conference again demands that resolutions passed at Conference have updates provided on work carried out, with action plans for completion.

Conference requires a greater degree of...

Mental health, working whilst unwell

Year: 2018 (xx)

Research has indicated that LGBT people are up to three times more likely to suffer from a mental health condition than the rest of society.

Conference suspects that the actual impact...

Canvassing and elections

Year: 2018 (xx)

Conference instructs the Executive Council to set up a task and finish group on the issue of canvassing for elections within the Fire Brigades Union.

The group should provide...

Mental health, national policy and guidance

Year: 2018 (xx)

With the dramatic rise in mental health issues and the better recognition of signs and symptoms within some Fire and Rescue Services, Conference is concerned that this issue is not being addressed...

Infectious diseases, protecting our members

Year: 2018 (xx)

Over a decade ago a policy was developed by the LGBT Committee for use by our Members and Officials when dealing with issues around potential infection from HIV and other infectious diseases....

Mobile app

Year: 2018 (xx)

Conference notes the ever expanding forms of digital communication and interactive platforms available and Conference also notes the wide range of FBU Members engagement with the various digital...

Firefighter fitness training time

Year: 2018 (xx)

Conference notes the content of the Firefighter Fitness Best Practice Guide produced by the NJC. Conference is alarmed at the lack of provision of fitness training equipment or fitness training time...

Women's-fit personal protective equipment and workwear

Year: 2018 (xx)

Conference is concerned at the ongoing issue around the total lack of proper women’s-fit Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and workwear uniform. Complaints from our women Members centre on gloves...