Every member plays an important part in protecting public safety, and some demonstrate great bravery and self-sacrifice to protect local communities from danger.

As well as the vital work of fighting fires, the modern firefighter keeps the public safe from many other threats, including floods and road traffic incidents, and plays a major role during major incidents such as terrorist attacks. Crucially, fire and rescue service workers help prevent fire and loss of life with comprehensive public information and engagement campaigns.

The general public turns to firefighters when their safety is threatened, particularly when they do not know where else to turn, knowing that we can be relied on to get the job done. Firefighters keep the public safe to enjoy their lives knowing that an unseen hand helps protect them from fire and other dangers.

Firefighters have three key aims:

  1. To save lives and prevent injury
  2. Protect property, both public and private
  3. Render humanitarian services