Policies agreed at the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), dating back to 1975, can be found on this page.


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Pay strategy

Year: 2018

Conference notes the following:

i) The Executive Council Policy Statement on ‘Firefighters Pay’ 2017, in particular the part which states:

2. "The union will launch a...

Line rescue standards

Year: 2018

Conference is concerned that there is a difference in standard operating procedures, and therefore safety, across different Fire and Rescue Services in the UK regarding the provision of line...

Emergency fire control

Year: 2018

Conference recognises the vital, lifesaving role that Members in Emergency Fire Control give to the Fire and Rescue Service. This is highlighted at incidents such as the house fire in Warminster on...

BA guidelines

Year: 2018

Conference notes that across the country Fire and Rescue Authorities have been considering the removal of BA Guidelines and in some cases have already removed them from frontline appliances....

Funding of council fire and rescue services

Year: 2018

County Council Fire and Rescue Services are facing a greater financial crisis due to the simply devastating austerity cuts heaped upon the public services. These services have no ability to hold or...

Maternity pay and conditions

Year: 2018

Conference is disappointed to have to raise this once again, the subject of the basic levels of maternity pay provided in most UK Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs). The issue of discrepancies across...

Mental health related to the workplace

Year: 2018

Conference is concerned that mental health related to the work place is on the increase and is affecting our Members’ health and wellbeing. The Health and Safety Executive figures show that stress...

Standard rank structure

Year: 2018

Conference, to support the safe control of firefighting operations there needs to be a drive to stop the creation by Fire and Rescue Services around the UK of roles/ranks that sit outside any agreed...

Trade union facilities (full-time employees)

Year: 2018

Conference notes Section 4, Part C, Paragraph 28 of the Grey Book (as amended by CIRCULAR NJC/04/11) which states:

“28. Where a part-time employee (including an...