Policies agreed at the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), dating back to 1975, can be found on this page.


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Standard rank structure

Year: 2018

Conference, to support the safe control of firefighting operations there needs to be a drive to stop the creation by Fire and Rescue Services around the UK of roles/ranks that sit outside any agreed...

Welfare provision

Year: 2018

Conference notes the heroic actions of both firefighting and control Members at recent traumatic incidents including the tragic Grenfell Tower fire. These traumatic incidents can have a detrimental...

National overtime/additional hours ban

Year: 2018

Conference is extremely concerned by the ongoing cuts to frontline fire provision across the UK. These cuts affect negatively both firefighter and public safety.

Fire and Rescue Services...

Aerial appliances

Year: 2018

Conference notes the vital role of aerial appliances in fire and rescue operations across UK Fire and Rescue Services. These appliances are indispensable across a wide range of tasks and provide...

Cancer screening of firefighters

Year: 2018

With the rise of cancers within the Fire and Rescue Service which is above the national average for other workers, Conference believes it is time that recognition of this should be within the Grey...

National firefighter selection process

Year: 2018

Conference notes that a number of Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs) in the UK have begun to recruit new wholetime firefighters. Conference is concerned that a number of these Fire and Rescue Services...

Toxins in the workplace

Year: 2018

Conference recognises the lack of movement nationally in the drive to tackle toxins in the workplace.

Research internationally has shown that toxins are a link to many workplace...

Fire and rescue service (FRS) recruitment

Year: 2018

After years of austerity measures that have seen the Fire Service operating at dangerously low establishment levels, many Fire Services are now looking to recruit firefighters.


Universal basic income

Year: 2018

Conference notes the need for a rebuilding of a modern social security system for men and women as part of tackling poverty, inequality and the threat to labour from automation.


National promotion process

Year: 2018

Conference instructs the Executive Council to raise the issue of promotion, along with any associated processes, in UK Fire and Rescue Services with the national employers. This, with a clear...