Policies agreed at the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), dating back to 1975, can be found on this page.


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Shift systems

Year: 2018

Conference opposes the opportunistic methods employed by Brigades to impose an agenda of cuts to operational staff in the name of modernisation. Conference instructs Officials that when a Fire and...

Attendance times

Year: 2018

Conference notes the devastating effect the Conservative Government’s ideological austerity program is having on our public services, including the Fire Service.

The reduction in...

Facility time for brigade officials

Year: 2018

Conference recognises the increasing pressures placed upon Brigade Officials. Since the demise of the Central Fire Brigades Advisory Council and national attendance standards being replaced by...

Critical attendance standards (CAST) 2018

Year: 2018

Conference previously supported the use of the Fire Brigades Unions’ Critical Attendance Standard (CAST) and intervention window methodologies (as recommended in the 2004 Fire Brigades Union...

Work outside firefighter rolemaps

Year: 2018

Conference is concerned that the “duty to collaborate” between emergency services and Police and Crime Commissioners taking over governance of Fire and Rescue Services, will put increasing...

Government proposals on gender recognition act

Year: 2018

In the run up to the 2017 General Election the Conservatives made a pledge if elected to government to reform the Gender Recognition Act making it easier for Trans people to legally register in...

Duty systems

Year: 2018

Conference notes the varied nature and number of shift patterns in operation throughout the United Kingdom Fire and Rescue Services.

Furthermore, that some shift patterns exist with...

Reserves held by fire and rescue authorities

Year: 2018

Conference notes with some alarm the increase in reserves that some Fire and Rescue Services appear to be amassing. It is a cause for greater alarm that of those Fire and Rescue Services that have...

Grey book rates of pay

Year: 2018

Conference condemns the prolonged and sustained financial attacks from successive governments on the UK Fire and Rescue Services. Chief Fire Officers and Fire Authorities consistently ‘fall into...

Emergency fire controls

Year: 2018

Conference notes that the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 states that a Fire and Rescue Authority must make provision for the purpose of:

(a) extinguishing fires in its area, and...