Belows is a list of our membership forms. Click on the title to go to the from download page.

Membership forms

Political fund application fund


Use this form to join the FBU political fund. The fund enables your union to campaign on workplace issues including union and employment rights, pay and pensions, improved
health and safety legislation and the defence of public services.

Political fund exemption form


Complete this form if you do not want to pay into the union's political fund. 

The fund allows the FBU to finance campaigns to fight for members and influence political debate.

Retired and Out of Trade (ROOT) enrolment form


Anyone wishing to enroll as an Out of Trade Member or renew their ROOT membership must complete this new application form and return it to; Membership Department, Fire Brigades Union Head Office, Bradley House, 68 Coombe Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 7AE.