The FBU values our Retired and Out of Trade (ROOT) members and is constantly looking for ways we can improve the range of services available to you. The union is proud to now promote a new, comprehensive package of benefits and services for ROOT members, including:

The FBU has made it clear, we will not sit back and accept attacks on our members or the service. The union is committed to campaigning on behalf of every member, doing whatever is necessary to win the best possible outcome for them. Whether the campaign be on public/firefighter safety, pay, job cuts or more specific legal cases such as the fairer commutation campaign we will always campaign to the very end.

ROOT membership brings a wide range of benefits that could save you money, for the small contribution of just £2 per month by direct debit – that is less than 6p per day! 

Download the ROOT enrolment form here.

Download the ROOT flyer