FBU Good Practice Guidance for Menopause

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The Fire Brigades Union, with the assistance of the National Women’s Committee and the Institute of Occupational Medicine, have developed this good practice guide to give assistance to representatives and officials who may need to provide advice to women members.

The document details the way members can be helped in the workplace; although it should be recognised that this is a very personal experience and different levels of support may be needed. As a result of this, the menopause is an issue that is not often talked about publicly but, with women making up 47% of the general working population, there is a need to better understand the process and any possible implications on health and work. Recent research has identified that most women have some or no difficulties working through this transition period; however 5% of women report having severe difficulties.

Further information can be sought from the organisations listed at the end of the guide and members should contact a representative of the Fire Brigades Union for advice.

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