96 hour shift system proposed in Cambridgeshire is 'unsafe and unlawful'

Fire chiefs in Cambridgeshire have been slammed by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) for attempting to introduce a Victorian style shift system that would see firefighters working 96-hour shifts at a time.

The system, known as day crew plus, would mean the hours a firefigther works in one week would double and their hourly salary would be one of the lowest in any fire service in the country.

In a new video, local officials Cameron Matthews and Riccardo La Torre are joined by Andy Dark, FBU assistant general secretary, as they highlight a previous legal case that was won by the union against similar duty systems. 

The FBU is urging fire chiefs in Cambridgeshire to think again and negotiate a suitable alternative more in keeping with the modern 21st century fire and rescue service.


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