Unity is strength - FBU messages of support

The FBU remains united as firefighters in England continue their strike action over the government’s unaffordable and unsustainable pension changes. Below are messages of solidarity from Control members as well as the FBU in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Sharon Riley, executive council member for Control, said: “On behalf of Control members across the UK I would like to wish you all well for the next 4 days and beyond.  No one takes strike action lightly but the despicable actions of the Fire Minister, CLG and the Tories in Westminster cannot be tolerated.

“Control members around the UK will support you on the picket lines and via the hardship fund.

“Stay strong. Unity is Strength.”

Roddy Robertson, executive council member for the FBU in Scotland, said: “On behalf of the Scottish Region of the FBU can I wish you all the best with the next 4 days of action, it is sheer ideology that now appears to be driving the Conservative led Westminster. When 3 countries can recognise the genuine grievances of our case and at least try to improve, we have one which refuses, they are not honourable people, we are.”

“The thoughts of your sisters and brothers are with you all and our officials are converting those thoughts to donations, onwards and upwards.”

Jim Quinn, acting executive council member for the FBU in Northern Ireland, said: “On behalf of all FBU members in Northern Ireland I want to offer our support and solidarity to all those Firefighters who will be on Strike in England from 6pm tonight until 6pm on 4th November.

“This is because of Westminster’s refusal to do what the other Governments are doing in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, namely engage in meaningful negotiations over Pensions.

“Our thoughts continue to remain with those being forced into strike action by the Tories for their own selfish and strategic party political ends.”

Cerith Griffiths, regional chair of the FBU in Wales, said: “We send best wishes and solidarity to all FBU members who have been forced into taking strike action once again over the next few days against these ideological attacks by the UK government. Whilst FBU members in Wales aren’t involved in the latest round of strikes you can be assured that you will remain at the forefront of our thoughts and Welsh support is 100% behind the action that you take.

“The decision to take strike action is never an easy one but the courage and determination shown by you all is both exemplary and honourable. I already know that donations for the hardship fund are being collected and arrangements will be made to deposit these as soon as possible.

“Mewn Undeb Mae Nerth – Unity is Strength.”

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