National Joint Council meeting and FBU Re-Call Conference

Circular: 2017HOC0107MW

Dear Brother/Sister

National Joint Council meeting and FBU Re-Call Conference

Circular 2017HOC0103MW informed members of the decision of the Executive Council to recall our conference in the near future in order to discuss developments at the National Joint Council and the five NJC work-streams which have been under discussion for some time.

The Executive Council met today and agreed that the conference will take place on 21 March 2017 in Blackpool. Further details will follow.

This decision followed further discussion with the national employers at the National Joint Council today where the union set out various views and concerns about the current position in relation to our discussions around the work-streams.

The NJC has commissioned independent research into the current trials of Emergency Medical Response. Due to factors beyond the control of either side, this research was not concluded when expected and was subject to unavoidable delay. It is expected very soon. This research is seen as necessary in order to assess the impact of this work as well as potentially providing evidence to ministers and others about the possible value of such work.

In view of the delay in the publication of this report and the proximity of the Re-Call Conference the Executive Council has agreed that EMR trials will not conclude in February but will be debated at the Conference on 21 March. This will allow more time for all members to consider these important issues and take account of all information available.

At the NJC the union set out the urgent need for the following issues to be addressed:

The operational concerns raised by FBU members about the current EMR trials (mobilisations policies, health and safety, mental health and wellbeing, training and other matters); The need for a detailed plan for lobbying ministers, governments and others for the resources needed by the fire and rescue service if such wider work was to be developed; The need for an urgent and thorough discussion with the employers about the findings of the independent research into the EMR trials (once this is published); and The central concern from FBU members about pay and conditions and that there needs to be a mechanism in place soon to begin to address these concerns.

A more detailed report on these issues will follow.

Best wishes.

Yours fraternally


          Matt Wrack
          General Secretary


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