The section seeks to be a focal point for advice and support on dealing with issues of discrimination, harassment and debarment as they affect B&EMMs of the fire and rescue service.

The section is committed to:

  • Offering help, support and to encourage networking by our members
  • To help fire and rescue services in ensuring that their BME recruitment, retention and progression strategies recognise the diversity in the communities they serve, and actively seek to reflect the very best of those communities
  • To advise and assist the FBU in educating its members in order to recognise, appreciate and respect cultural differences thus eradicating the effects of racial/cultural prejudice in the workplace and the community
  • To take full advantage of learning opportunities and to offer career guidance and influence in the creation and maintenance of supportive working environments

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Secretary  Joseph Mendy  [email protected]  07500338726

Chair  Position vacant

Vice Chair  Karen Bell  [email protected]  07956915433

B&EMM H&S Rep  Gavin Meisuria  [email protected]

Scotland  Position vacant
Northern Ireland  Joe Doherty  [email protected]
North East  Dean Pounder  [email protected]
Yorkshire and Humberside  Delroy Galloway  [email protected]
North West  Leila Asoko  [email protected]
East Midlands  Ron Stanley  [email protected]
West Midlands  Leon Johnson  [email protected]
Wales  Alex Szeckley  [email protected]
Eastern  Tariq Khan  [email protected]
London  Karen Bell  [email protected]
South East  Position vacant. 
South West  Lionel McCrea  [email protected]