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4th March 2019

Dear Matt,

I write further to the discussion at the NJC meeting on 19th February to set out the
Employers’ thinking on taking matters forward with regard to discussions on
broadening the role of the firefighter.

At the meeting I indicated that the employers’ intended to provide you with a proposal
which it believes, subject to the necessary additional and sustainable funding, could
form a deal. We are doing this now because we are of the opinion that to further delay
providing clarity to governments would impact detrimentally on the ability to be able to
secure funding in the foreseeable future across the UK.

For clarity, the attached proposal is set out as a draft agreement so that it is clear how
the deal would look. In developing this proposal members were mindful of the complex
joint discussions that have taken place around type of work and the need to increase
the value of the fire service to communities in the future as well as its sustainability.
The employers’ side believes the pay awards set out in the proposal to be credible
and to cover a realistic period of time.

We believe this to be a fair deal and would encourage you to accept the proposal,
which would put us in the best position to secure the necessary additional and
sustainable funding across the UK.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Pannell
Employers’ Secretary

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