Firefighter fatalities in Piedmont Italy 5 November 2019

Firefighter fatalities in Italy on 5 November

A letter was sent today on behalf of the FBU to the public service workers union in Italy (Federazione Lavoratori Funzione Pubblica - FP-CGIL):

Dear comrades,

Firefighter fatalities in Italy on 5 November

The Fire Brigades Union sends our deepest sympathy and solidarity to the families and colleagues affected, following the deaths of three firefighters and others injured in Piedmont earlier this week.

Press reports in English have stated that the incident involved an explosion in an unoccupied farm building, followed by a second, stronger blast. We understand that as well as the three firefighters killed, three other first responders were also injured. We are shocked at reports that these explosions may have been deliberate.

Please express our condolences to all those within the fire and rescue service and the wider community who have been affected by this terrible tragedy. Our profession has seen far too many deaths that should never have occurred. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

Yours in solidarity,

Matt Wrack
General Secretary

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