Firefighters send message of solidarity to Interserve workers

Firefighters from across the UK send a message of solidarity and support to Interserve Workers taking further industrial action this coming week.

We have been appalled at the company’s refusal to negotiate on a whole range of issues such as sick pay, contractual changes and redundancies. Once again the true state of life for workers in Britain today is laid bare. Companies such as Interserve, backed by a Tory party hell-bent on smashing all forms of collective action, continue to attack the most vulnerable and hard-working workers in the UK. Part of an on-going Government agenda set by the outsourcing of essential services, this time in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Interserve’s disgraceful and shocking treatment of its staff needs to be exposed and the Fire Brigades Union sends its wholehearted support to those workers standing up for basic working rights – the right to be consulted, the right to decent conditions and the right to decent pay.

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