Union leader condemns March to Leave

Commenting on today's March to Leave assembly outside Parliament, Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, said::

"The UK is in utter chaos as a result of the failings of the current government following the referendum. Theresa May should resign and there should be an immediate general election."

"Within the trade union movement and among trade union members, there are different views on Brexit. Unfortunately, some are seeking to exploit this situation to sow division among ordinary people. The Fire Brigades Union has been clear from the start that there is no place in the labour movement for lining up with Tories, hedge funds and others in big business on either side of the Brexit debate. Such people have politics which are utterly hostile to workers’ rights, to trade unions and to public services. It is outrageous that we hear of so-called trade union officials and Labour MPs attending joint rallies with Nigel Farage and others on the nationalist right. They are a disgrace to the traditions of the labour movement."

The Fire Brigades Union recently condemned a no-deal Brexit, calling on the government to immediately guarantee the rights of EU nationals in Britain and to find an urgent solution to the Brexit deadlock.

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