The Smithfield Fire 1958 - 60 years on.

General Secretary, Matt Wrack, explains the importance of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary since the Smithfield fire in the latest FBU video.

The 1958 Smithfield fire was reported to be one of the capitals worst fires since the blitz. Two professionals, Station Officer Jack Fourt-Wells and Fireman (as they were called then) Richard Stocking made the ultimate sacrifice in the course of their duties. The FBU made sure their sacrifice was not in vain as the union played a key role in learning the lessons of the disaster and focussing the pressure to modernise Breathing Apparatus - including the addition of:

1) A low-pressure warning system - as it's not always possible to read the gauge in the smoke

2) An alert for BA wearers who are in distress to make their colleagues aware

3) A BA control system for first attenders -  Previously the first attendance had no system of BA control for the first four pumps in attendance and thus no record of when Fourt-Wells & Stocking went missing.

Pictures of the event can be found on twitter using #Firefighters100 & #Smithfield1958

The FBU is running a "Red Plaque" scheme to remember fallen firefighters - made possible by the proceeds of the Firefighters 100 Lottery. Buy Your Tickets HERE.


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