Statement on Grenfell Tower fire

Following a major fire at the Grenfell Tower residential block in West London, which began in the early hours of Wednesday morning (14 June) and where a number of fatalities have been confirmed, the Fire Brigades Union released the following statement from general secretary Matt Wrack.

“People will be in shock this morning as the horrific events at Grenfell Tower continue to unfold. The thoughts of firefighters from all over the UK will be with the victims of this devastating tragedy and their families. Lives have been lost, many people have suffered serious injuries and others will be made homeless as a result of the fire.

“Firefighters and other emergency services have been working through the night to secure the building and to save as many lives as possible. They will be doing a particularly difficult job witnessing brutal and tragic scenes with the professionalism we have come to expect from them. The thoughts of everyone in the fire service family will be with their colleagues in London this morning who are doing a sterling job under very difficult circumstances."

“A full investigation will need to be undertaken at the first possible opportunity to establish exactly what happened and what can be done to prevent such an incident happening again.”

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