Burns victim Lucy Morgan voices concern over cuts to North Yorkshire Fire Service

Burns victim Lucy Morgan, who was seriously injured after a bonfire accident in March 2014, has warned that cuts facing North Yorkshire Fire Service could have a disastrous effect on the service that saved her life.

In a short video Lucy explains the cuts facing the fire and rescue service and how the public of North Yorkshire will be left in danger. Lucy warns that if the small, van-like Tactical Response Vehicles, due to replace a number of fire engines, responded to the fire she was involved in – firefighters would not have had the correct equipment to rescue her therefore delaying the emergency response.

A freedom of information request by the FBU revealed how the ‘mixed crewing’ proposal – whereby part time and wholetime firefighters would work together – could lead to delays as long as 8 mins, 45 seconds as fire crews would have to wait to be joined by on call firefighters before mobilising. The service had previously quoted the delay would be less than 3 and half minutes.

Lucy’s story is told over footage of a house fire simulation demonstrating how after only 3 minutes a fire, caused by a piece of everyday household equipment, could spread throughout the whole property.

Simon Wall, chair of the FBU in North Yorkshire, said: “Lucy is an inspiration for the work she has done raising awareness of the cuts we’re facing. Lucy knows more than most about the importance of firefighters being able to get to emergencies as quickly as possible. Every second counts when it comes to fires. This video is a must watch for all.

“This year the portion of your council tax used to fund the fire and rescue service was raised by the maximum amount possible. In a recent budget report to the Combined Fire Authority, North Yorkshire Fire Service have set out plans to continue raising the amount the public pay for the next three years. It is completely unacceptable to charge more while slashing the service the public receive. The public of North Yorkshire need to have their say.”

North Yorkshire Fire Service are currently consulting the public on the proposed changes, a link to the public consultation questionnaire and a petition are available at www.no2firecuts.com – along with Lucy’s video.

The public consultation finishes on Friday 16 October, but the petition and campaign to protect the quality of service you receive, and more importantly you and your family’s safety, continues. The Fire Authority will meet on 9 December where the final decision will be made.

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