FBU commend emergency service personnel after Shoreham disaster

Following Saturday’s tragic incident at the Shoreham Air Show the Fire Brigades Union wish to commend all Emergency Service personnel who dealt with this harrowing incident.

Danni Armstrong, secretary of the South East region of the FBU said “Our members, along with other emergency services, have been working tirelessly since the weekend. They have been dealing with the fallout of this traumatic incident like the true professionals they are. The thoughts of all firefighters who responded to this tragic accident will be with the friends and families of the people who lost their lives.

“We raised concerns with the county council last year over a lack of resources and how badly fire cover was stretched across the region. Ongoing budget cuts mean we have fewer firefighters and equipment to respond to major emergencies.

“It has also emerged that one of the fire engines initially mobilised from Hove Fire Station to this emergency is due to be axed from service in the new year due to further budget cuts, this will stretch resources even further and Hove Fire Station, which initially sent crews to Shoreham, will be downgraded.

“The safety of the public and our firefighters is of paramount importance but we need the appropriate funding to be able to deal with  major emergencies and the plane crash in Shoreham demonstrate this more than ever.”

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