No More Lies | Protest over sham pensions 'guarantee'

What: Protest over sham firefighter pension ‘guarantee’
Where: Methodist Central Hall, Storeys Gate, London SW1 9NH.
When: Wednesday 25 February 2015. Assemble from noon.

The FBU confirmed today firefighters will protest over a false ‘guarantee’ given to firefighters in a House of Commons debate on firefighters’ pensions by Westminster fire minister Penny Mordaunt.

The minister told MP’s if a firefighter fails a fitness test through no fault of their own, and do not qualify for ill health retirement, they will get a redeployed role or a full, unreduced pension.

However after the FBU wrote to all fire authorities asking them if they intended to implement the Parliamentary guarantee those who responded confirmed that after taking legal advice that they would not.

The protest will take place from midday on Wednesday 25 February 2015 at Methodist Central Hall, Storeys Gate, London SW1 9NH.

Read the all members circular announcing this news here.

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