Five firefighters in front of engine

Eight day strike ends but industrial action continues

Firefighters in England and Wales will today come to the end of eight consecutive days of strike action over pensions, however other forms of industrial action will continue from this evening with no planned end date.

From 7pm tonight until further notice firefighters will not work voluntary overtime, non-contractual overtime or any additional voluntary hours.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, said: “Firefighters have solidly observed the strike action over the past eight days; this has not been easy for them or their families, but all firefighters are aware what is at risk here.

“Firefighters cannot accept a deal which rips up the pension promises they were given and creates an unaffordable and unworkable pension which takes no account of the real work firefighters do and the fitness requirements which go with it.

“The campaign will continue until government ministers offer an alternative, affordable and workable pension scheme.”

The union’s executive council meets later this week and again next week to assess the latest developments and consider the next steps in the campaign.

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