Within the section’s 20-year existence, it has achieved official recognition with the FBU, as well as representing the FBU in forums which were once untouched.

It has established an extensive network to support and advise LGBT members who may feel isolated or harassed.

The section’s aims are:

  • Organise a LGBT school and provide a platform for members to meet
  • Ensuring LGBT members have a voice within the FBU, and making sure they are not left out in equality issues at brigade, regional and national level
  • Providing support to LGBT members in all regions of the FBU
  • Identifying and dealing with any issues and problems faced by our members
  • Providing members with the opportunity to talk and meet with other members
  • Distribute information concerning LGBT issues to members

LGBT members in each of the UK’s 12 regions elect a representative to the section’s committee, and a national chair and secretary are elected by a national ballot of LGBT members.

Secretary Pat Carberry 07801 575 346 [email protected]  
Chair Yannick Dubois  07824 319 545   [email protected]