If you do not make a Will there is a danger that those people you would have wanted to look after your affairs and to benefit from your estate will not do so.

While no one likes to think about death, making a Will should at least ensure that there are no legal complications for your loved-ones to have to deal with should you die suddenly.

Making a free Will using Thompsons’ specialist service could not be easier.  You will be sent a form to complete.  In England/Wales this will be sent by BBH Legal Services Ltd who are Thompsons’ general practice subsidiary. This will provide the team all the information they need to draw up your Will. A lawyer may need to interview you if your estate or instructions are complex.

Members’ basic single and joint Wills are free and the service also covers complex Wills and members’ families Wills at a discount cost, which will be provided on confirming membership details.

Probate, trust and executry can also be arranged through FBU approved lawyers at advantageous rates.

It may also be possible to arrange independent financial advice for FBU members.

Call 0808 100 6061 to access this service or visit Thompsons' website.