The day honours the sacrifice of firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty, acknowledging the courage and dedication of generations of firefighters, including those who serve our communities today.

The Fire Brigades Union works in partnership with the Firefighters Memorial Trust to ensure that no matter how much time has passed, firefighters who died protecting their communities are remembered.

Although we were unable to come together in person for this year’s Firefighters’ Memorial Day, we stood together to remember the colleagues we have lost.

This year, we paid a special tribute to the firefighters around the world who have sadly lost their lives while working on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are aware that we have lost colleagues in Italy and the USA, and we honoured them and their sacrifice.

On 4 May at midday, on duty firefighters stood outside their stations and held a minute’s silence, while FBU general secretary Matt Wrack and representatives from the Firefighters Memorial Trust laid a wreath at the National Firefighters Memorial at St Paul’s Cathedral.

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In the Line of Duty




James O Abernethy
William J Abernethy
Alfred G Abrahart
Daisy L Adams
William Agnew
Arthur H M Aird
Percy C Aitchison
George Albert
John W Alcock
Arnold Aldridge
Thomas C Aldsworth
Douglas F Alexander
Philip Alexander
John Allan
William Allan
Henry Allchin
James Allen
L Allen
Percy F Allen
Edwin W Ambridge
Alexander Anderson
George Anderson
Harold A Anderson
John Anderson
Alfred Anderton
William H Anderton
Cecil R Andreazzi
Alex Andrews
David J H Andrews
Derek G W Andrews
John W Andrews
Robert N Angus
David Appleby
Frederick G Appleby
John V Appleby
Albert E Arber
Frank Archer
Richard E Archer
Leslie B Arton
Arthur Ash
David Ashby
Rhoda Ashcroft
Thomas G Ashford
Albert R Ashley
Thomas E Ashton
Samuel E Astle
Alfred W Atkins
Frederick Atkins
Harold J Atkins
Robert W Atkins
Richard Atkinson
Robert W Attrill
William C Auchterlonie
Derek E Aust
Francis W Austin
John Averis
John A Axcell
Maurice C Ayers
Charles Aylott
Edward W Badland
William Bagnall
George H Bailey
John W Bailey
Ronald M Bailey
George A Bainbridge
Cyril L Baines
Alfred L K Baker
Christopher L J Baker
Elsie W Baker
Lilian S Baker
Percy J S Baker
William G Baker
Victor Baldesarre
Frederick G Baldock
Douglas B Baldwin
James H Baldy
Walter Ball
Dennis E Ballard
Ernest Balme
John N Bamber
Ian S E Banks
Ronald H Banks
Wilfrid Banks
Thomas Banner
Alan Bannon
Alan C Barber
Albert Barcroft
James A Bardens
Wilfrid G Bardsley
Jonathan Barker
Joseph Barker
Joseph H Barker
William J Barker
William Y Barker
Alfred J Barlow
John Barnard
Albert Barnes
David Barnes
F Barratt
John C Barrell
G W Barrett
John C Barrett
Charles W Barrow
James S Barry
Joan F Bartlett
Mark A Bartlett
James Barwood
W Bass
William G Bastyan
Arthur E Batchelor
David W Batchelor
Bertram Bateman
Arthur Bates
Arthur Bates
Malcolm Bates
George Batey
Stephen E Bath
Jack Bathie
John Battersby
Arthur E J Batt-Rawden
J Batty
William Baugh
Peter Baumber
Herbert Bausor
George Bayles
Percy W Beacon
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Ernest R Beadle
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W A Bedford
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Christopher W Betts
John Beveridge
Richard I Bianchi
Alfred E Bickerton
A Biddle
Bernard Biggs
Harry Billings
David M Bilton
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Henry E C Binda
Joseph C Bines
Joseph E Binns
John I Birch
Richard L Birch
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John Birkmyre
Walter E M Bisland
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Thomas G Black
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John J Bloomfield
John R Blower
Herbert T Blundell
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Harry Bradbury
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Leonard Bradley
Peter Bradshaw
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William Brant
Bernard H Braybrooke
John W F Brazier
Hylton Brearley
Ernest Breed
Terence Breen
Ronald Brewer
Norman Bricklebank
Harry Bridger
James F Bridges
Frank Brierley
John Brierley
Christopher J Briggs
Henry Bright
Henry C Brightwell
J H Brimble
Roger W Broadfield
Arthur Broadhead
Edward R Brocklehurst
Albert F S Brooker
Frederick A Brooker
James E Brooker
Frank W Brookes
Francis J Brooking
William Broomhead
Harold Broughton
Alfred B Brown
Edward G Brown
Edward J L Brown
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Leonard J Brown
Philip C Brown
Robert W Brown
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Thomas W Brown
William H Brown
Ian R Bruce
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William G Brum
Patrick Bryan
Harold A Bryant
Herbert Bryant
Thomas Buckingham
Francis J Buckle
Sydney Buckler
Eli Buckley
William Buckley
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Ernest J Bukin
Albert A G Bull
Thomas Bullard
Harold Bulley
John Bullock
Robert Bunting
Sidney H Bunting
John H Burch
Charles E Burden
Henry Burdett
Alexander Burgess
Charles F Burgess
Michael Burke
Peter B Burley
Frederick A W Burnett
Thomas Burns
John C Burrell
Ralph Burrows
Raymond Burrows
Raymond A Burrows
Robert Burrows
Edmund E Burt
Daniel Burton
Sam Bussey
Henry H Butcher
Richard H Butler
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Archibald T Campbell
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James N Campbell
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Sarah L L Cane
Frank Cannon
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Henry J C Carden
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Percival S R Carrington
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Trevor P Carvosso
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George Cassidy
H P Castle
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George H Causey
George Cavill
George S Cawthorn
George C Cert
Arthur B Chadwick
Ernest Chadwick
Edward A W Chalkley
David J Chalmers
Ian P Chalmers
Albert E N Chamkin
E Chandler
Gordon J Chapman
Robert N Chapman
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Beryl Chare
Samuel Chaston
F C Chater
Robert W Chawner
Oliver C Cheater
Geoffrey Childs
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Gilbert H Chilton
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Benjamin E Chinnery
James H Chinnick
Pearl M Chitty
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Cecil R S Chopping
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Thomas J Clark
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William J Clark
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Albert E Clarke
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William G Clausen
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Leslie Clewes
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Andrew E Clinton
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Richard V Cluney
George Cobbold
David Cohen
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Harold T Cole
Henry ‘Harry’ S Colebourne
John Coleman
Harold G Coleridge
Ian R Collier
James J Collingbourne
Albert E Collins
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Harold Collop
Lionel L Colmer
Colin Comber
John Commelin
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Stanley T Conniff
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Richard J Constable
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Norman Cornwell
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Leonard Cotter
John S Coull
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A G Cousins
John B Cowan
John T Cowell
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Stanley R Crabb
George Cramond
Robert A Crampin
John Crampton
Percy Crane
Alfred J Crapp
John E Creasey
Robert Crellin
Leonard A H Cressey
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Robert Critchley
William Crockett
Alistair Crofts
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Herbert Daniels
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Israel Deutch
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Frederick Doble
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John Donley
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Malcolm Kirton
Albert V Kite
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Reginald F W J Knight
William F Knight
Walter J Laidler
Albert A Laimbeer
Albert J Laker
Charles E Lamb
Eric W Lambert
John F Lamon
Kevin R Lane
Leslie Langham
Cyril Langley
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Leonard A Langley
A Lapierre
Richard J Larkin
Marcel Lavelli
Richard Lavers
George Lawrenson
Kenneth Lawson
Doris M Lay
Raymond Laycock
Charles L Layton
William H Leach
Enoch Leadbetter
Clifford M Leake
Thomas C Leaver
George Lee
John A Lee
Michael W Lee
Robert W Lee
Harold P Lees
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Dennis J Leggett
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Albert Levenson
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Robert F Libby
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Robert Little
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Robert Loader
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Fleur Lombard
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Leonard W Long
Richard J Long
William H Long
Frank R Longson
William H Longster
Stuart Lough
Reginald W Lovatt
Samuel Loveman
Herbert Low
Arthur H Lowe
George Lowe
Erwin Lower
Joseph Lowrey
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William G Lucas
William G Luck
Hubert V Lugg
George Lunn
Frederick E Lunt
William G Lutman
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Fred Lythgoe
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Ronald Mace
Ronald H Machin
Harry Mack
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James Mair
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Frank Mallinson
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Thomas Mayne
Thomas W Mayo
Hugh McCalverty
William E McCarthy
Samuel L McCartney
Arthur H McCauley
Donald McClean
Joseph McCloskey
Archibald McConnell
Neil McCulloch
Archibald McDonald
Francis P McDonough
Robert McElliney
Daniel B McEvoy
Ewen S McEwen
Charles McGarry
William McGauley
Alexander McGibbon
Adrian McGill
Hector McGillivary
Thomas McGougan
S McGrath
George W McGregor
William McGregor
Samuel McHale
William McHarry
John R McInnes
Donald McIntosh
Stanley McIntosh
Alfred J McIntyre
Anthony McIntyre
George D McIntyre
John McIver
Harry H McKellar
Frank McKenna
Clarence D P McKenzie
James A McKenzie
George C McLaren
William McLaren
Thomas McLaughlin
Wilfred McLaughlin
Archibald McLay
John K McLean
James A McLellan
Roderick M McLeod
Duncan McMillan
Edward R McMillan
Gordon C McMillan
Ian A C McMillan
James McMillan
Ian J H McPhee
John McPherson
John A McWhirr
John McWilliams
Henry J Mead
John F Mead
Kenneth W H Mead
George Mearns
Leslie C Medhurst
Michael C Mee (GM)
A Meere
A Mees
Albert Mellor
Alfred Mellor
William Merry
William G Messenger
Paul W Metcalf
Norman L Metcalfe
Frederick G Mewett
Victor Michaelson
Jack Michell
Vernon J Middleditch
John T Middlewick
Albert Miles
Clifford Miles
Alexander H Millar
Herbert J Millar
Ernest G Millener
Arthur W Miller
Charles V J Miller
Edward R Miller
G Miller
Josephine I Miller
Michael Miller (GM)
Robert Miller
Robert N Miller
Percy Millett
Frank K Mills
Frederick J Mills
Gordon C W Minister
Alfred E Minter
- Mitchell
Alex G Mitchell
Frederick Mitchell
John Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
Cormack Monaghan
Stanley H Monilaws
James C Monk
David Montgomery
Henry A Moon
Arthur Moore
Charles E Moore
Charles L Moore
F Moore
Frederick W Moore
William B Moore
Trevor C Morgan
Elvira H Morgans
- Morris
Clement L Morris
David A Morris
Ernest Morris
Frederick A Morris
Harry Morris
Sydney A Morris
William T Morris
Robert Morrison
William G Morrow
Charles E Morse
Maurice C L Mortimore
Henry A Mott
William H Mott
William J G Moughton
Norman R C Mountjoy
George Moviett
Robert N Muir
William Mulhern
Patrick Mullan
John C Mullane
William Mullaney
Phillip G Mullard
Christopher W Mulvany
John J Munday
James K Mungall
Alexander Murdoch
C W Murphy
John Murphy
William Murphy
Arthur E Murray
Edward C Murray
Victor Murray
Geoffrey R Murrils
Thomas Naples
Frank Naylor
James Naylor
Jeffrey Naylor
Vernon F D Neale
Robert A Neill
Stephen M Neill
William Neill
Edward D Nelson
Wilfred Nelson
Robert Nelthorpe
Ernest Netherwood
Edward W Netley
Fred Neville
Joseph Newark
Alfred Newberry
Sydney J Newbold
Alfred G Newman
John A Nicholl
Albert J Nicholls
George H Nicoll
Roderick M Nicolson
Charles F Nightingale
Kenneth Nightingale
Edward B Nissen
John C Noble
Norman Nolan
Henry R Norfolk
Cecil A Norman
Cecil B Norman
Leonard T Norman
Frederick Normington
George R Norris
Walter H Northcott
A Nunn
George R Nuttall
Winston Nutter
William H Oak
Leo H P Oakden
Squire Oates
Daniel M O’Donovan
Henry A Offler
John Ogden
Joseph Ogden
William Olbort
Ernest S Old
William C Oldbury
William Oliver
Horace V Olney
Maurice P O’Neill
John J Ormerod
Charles Orr
Wesley Orr (BEM)
Albert E Owen
Donald E Owen
Jackie D Owen
Ronald Pacitti
Arthur A Page
Harry Page
Donald Paintin
Frederick A Pallent
Edward E Palmer
Leonard J Palmer
Leslie J Palmer
W Palmer
Walter J Palmer
Robert G Parberry
Frederick G Parcell
Joseph Pardon
Martin C Parfett
William F Parfrey
Frederick H Parker
Harold C Parkes
Henry J Parkes
Paul A Parkin
Harold F Parkinson
H Parnell
Reginald Parry
Alfred H Parsons
Arthur P Parton
A Partridge
Roger Pascal
Charles Paterson
Harry A Paterson
William Paterson
John Patten
Robert Patten
Edward J Pattenden
Samuel Patterson
William R Pattison
Alexander Paul
Ernest W Payne
Joseph Payne
Stanley Payne
Stephen J Payne
Gwendolen E M Peake
Leslie A Pearce
Russell L Pearce
Pizer Pearl
Charles E Pearson
John Pearson
John C Pearson
Raymond M Pearson
Albert E Pearton
Joseph A Peddle
Robert W Pemble
Violet I Pengelly
Jesse Pennell
Leonard Penrice
Edward E G Pepper
Issac Percival
John H Percival
Leonard Perkis
Ellen L Perkiss
George Perring
Issac Perrins
Charles A Perry
George Perry
Harry Perry
Albert E Peryer
Frederick A Peters
Winifrid A Peters
Hamish Pettit
John Phelan
Benjamin A Phillips
Frank Phillips
James E Phillips
Thomas Pickard
Charles Pickering
Queenie R C Pickett
Cyril A Pickstock
Edmund H Pickup
John Piercey
Henry Piller
James H Pilling (OBE)
Charles Pimblett
William G Pink
Robert Pipe
Thomas S Pitt
Norman Pitts
William G Plant
H B Platts
Norman Poland
Alexander Polson
Bertie Poole
Cyril B Porter
Percy E Porter
George A Potter
Derek T Potts
Frank Powell
Andrew P Power
John D Power
Kevin J Power
Albert Pratt
Arthur W Preece
Edward Preston
Herbert Price
Joseph A Price
Knighton Pridmore
Matthew Priestly
James G Pring
William Proctor
Walter C Pugsley
Dorien A Pullen
W T Pullen
Henry J Purcell
Henry Purchase
Arthur W Purnell
James H Purslow
Albert G Purvis
James A Purvis
Arthur J Putt
Percy Pyett
Edward Quayle
Andrew Quinn
Eric F Quinn
Ernest J Radford
Frederick A Rae
William Rae
Ambrose J Ramsay
Walter J Randall
William T Randall
James W Randle
Stanley H Randolph
John F Rands
Thomas Rands
Frederick T Ranger
Cecil A Ransley
William T Rashbrook
Henry C Rathbone
James Raulston
John Raven
Walter C Rawlings
William Rawlings
Malcolm Rawnsley
Gilbert I Rawson
Robert Ray
William H C Rayfield
Eric H Rayment
Albert S Read
George Reardon
James Reardon
Albert T Reay
John Redman
Patrick G Redmond
William H Reed
John Rees
John P Rees
Samuel Rees
Alexander Reid
Ian Reid
William Reid
John Renals
George W Renwick
Harold Reveley
Arthur Reynolds
James Reynolds
Charles H Richards
David Richards
John G Richards
Frank Richardson
Richard F Richardson
Richard J Richardson
Walter S Richardson
William J Riches
John Richmond
Joan M Ridd
John Riddle
Ernest Ridge
Thomas A Ridout
Ernest Ritching
Hugh Robb
Peter E A Robbins
Francis Roberts
Herbert Roberts
James W Roberts
Reginald A L Roberts
Robert Roberts
Thomas H Roberts
Wilfred A Roberts
Archibald Robertson
William A Robertson
Albert C Robins
John S Robins
Ernest F Robinson
Richard Robinson
John W Roe
Lewis S Roe
Albert E Rogers
Arthur H Rogers
Robert C Rogers
William Rogerson
John Rolfe
James Rook
Leonard Roots
William R Roots
Maurice S Rose
Edward A Rosebridge
Hyman Roseman
Alistair M Ross
Richard C Roullier
James Roulston
William B Rourke
John Rowan
Thomas L Rowcliffe
Charles Rowe
Ernest Rowe
Maurice G W Rowe
William A Rowe
John H Rowell
R Rowley
John Roy
Francis H Rundle
Charles R Russel
Denis R Russell
William Russell
Charles Rutherford
Frederick Ryder
Harry Sabin
Edward Sackie
Edward P Sales
Stanley J S Sales
Frederick C Salkeld
John R Salter
Charles W Sambrook
Laurence W Sander
Charles E Sanderson
Francis J H Sandwell
Percy H Sandy
Stanley Sandy
Stanley Sargant
Robert D Satchell
Thomas F Satchell
Victor A Satchwell
Herbert C J Saunders
Terence K A Saunders
William Saunders
Albert A Saville
Harry Scane
Frederick C Scarff
Joseph F Scarff
Frederick Scates
Ernest A Schneider
Benjamin Schofield
Edward Schofield
James P Schofield
James P Schofield
John T Scholes
Alexander Schooler
Joseph G Schubert
Robert Schulz
Israel Schwartzberg
Alfred Scott
Thomas Scott
William Scott
William E H Scott
William H Scott
Gilbert J Sculpher
Arthur Seaby
Alfred F Searle
James H Searly
Gordon Selby
Frederick C Sell
Alfred J Sellars
George A Selvey
Charles W Semken
Anthony T Seurre
David J Seward
Reginald A L Seymour
Henry E Shakeshaft
George Shanks
Maurice Share
Harry W T Sharp
John Sharp
Edgar Shaw
Edwin Shaw
William Shaw
William Shaw
Harold Shawcross
Leo R Sheard
James D Shears
Percy J Sheath
Benjamin J Sheldon
James Shelley
David Shepherd
Phillip H Shepherd
Michael Sheridan
Alan Sherratt
Sidney A V Shillum
James Shone
Stanley Short
James W Shortman (DCM)
Alfred Shotten
Graham H Shreeves
Jack A W Shrimpton
William Sibley
Alfred J B Sifleet
Harry T Simeon
Edward W R Simmons
Charles W Simms
Robert S Simons
George E Simpkins
Henry G J Simpson
James A Simpson
Joseph E Simpson
James Simpson (MM)
Valentine G Sinden
John F Singleton
Robert Singleton
Richard W Sinstadt
Roy Skelton
Harry R Skinner
John Skinner
Robert E Skinner
Leslie W Skitt
Stanley Slack
Leonard D Sloman
George Sluman (KM)
William B Smart
Alfred C Smee
Albert C Smith
Albert E Smith
Alexander Smith
Alfred Smith
Arthur J Smith
Charles H Smith
David Smith
Edward H Smith
Eileen Smith
Ernest E Smith
Frank J Smith
Frederick Smith
Frederick C Smith
Frederick J Smith
Frederick J Smith
George H Smith
Hubert W Smith
James Smith
John F Smith
Leonard H Smith
Robert Smith
Ronald F Smith
S C Smith
S G Smith
William Smith
William H Smith
William H Smith
Arthur G Smy
James Smyth
Thomas J Snowdon
Alan Soards
Romeo C Sorrenti
N Southall
Harold Southworth
James D Spalding
Norman H Spargo
Charles L Sparham
Silvester M H Spearing
George Spence
Walter J Spence
Frederick P Spencer
Harry W Spencer
William W Spensley
Percy C R Spice
Albert H Spiller
Martin E Sprague
Arthur Spurrs
George W Squibb
George Sreeves
Tom Stacey
Arthur Standring
Harry J Stangroom
John Stanlake
Ronald F Stapley
Henry H T Starling
George Starns
George Steele
Oliver J Steele
George R Steers
Albert E Stephens
Ashley Stephens
Stanley R Stevens
A Stevenson
John Stevenson
Stanley Stidworthy
Ronald Stiles
Arthur J Stillman
Neville S N Stocker
Richard D Stocking
David J Stokes
David J Stokoe
Geoffrey M Stone
Ernest W R Storey
Herbet Storey
William Straitt
Walter Strand
Albert H Strange
David Street
Francis Strickland
Anthony Stridgeon
Eric C Stringer
Charles Strutton
Alfred C Sturk
W C Style
Charles Sugden
J Sullivan
Henry B Summers
Robert Sunderland
Walter Sunderland
Helen Sussman
Frederick C Sutherland
Peter Sutton
John W Swaby
Reginald B Swan
George M Swanson
Henry H Swanwick
Charles H Sweet
Charles P Sweetlove
Thomas J Swift
Richard Sykes
Arthur J Tabrett
Robert Talbut
Herbert J J Tanner
Robert Tanner
Albert C Tarr
Albert Taylor
Archie Taylor
Dolcie E A Taylor
Edward Taylor
F Taylor
Frank Taylor
G Taylor
George Taylor
Harry Taylor
Herbert F Taylor
Joseph H Taylor
John Taylor
John Taylor
John J Taylor
John J Taylor
Kenneth Taylor
Mervin J B Taylor
Peter Taylor
Stephen K Taylor
Walter H Taylor
William Taylor
William E Taylor
William H Taylor
John Teague
William A Tearle
Garry W Telfer
J F Temple
G Tetley
Joseph G Thatcher
Henry J F Theobald
Ralph C Thoburn
C Thomas
George Thomas
John Thomas
John F Thomas
W Thomas
William Thomas
Dennis Thompson
George Thompson
Henry Thompson
James Thompson
John A Thompson
Sidney Thompson
Walter Thompson
Victor B Thorne
Henry P Thornton
Alec K Thorpe
Stanley D Thurgood
William A Thygasen
Leslie G Tibbs
Herbert G Tice
Sidney S Tidy
Frederick Tierney
Thomas H C Timewell
Henry Tindale
William L Tipton
Joseph L Tobias
Joseph Tobin
James Tomb
Arthur L Tombling
Charles S Tomkins
Fred Tomlin
Hubert H Tomlin
George H Tonkin
Ernest A Tooke
Stephen Toole
Frederick W Toomey
Evelyn Torr
William H Tovell
George Towns
Albert W Townshend
Colin J Townsley (GM)
A R Tozer
Horace H Trainer
James Treacher
Raymond E Trimblett
Wilfred H A Tritton
Sidney C Tropman
Max F Trotter
Frederick True
Edwin G Trump
Albert E Truss
Barry C Trussell
Charles Tucker
Leslie A Tucker
Albert V Tuff
John S Tulip
Gordon J Tulk
Walter J Turley
John D Turnbull
Albert A Turner
G Turner
F Tutton
Thomas Twitchell
John Tyers
Albert D Umney
Neville H Underwood
James Unsworth
William P Uren
Norman J H Urry
W Vale
Harold Van Der Weele
Mathys Van Hulst
William H Varah
James Vernon
Harry C Vesey
Henry Vicars
Edgar W Vick
Albert Vide
Albert H H Vidler
L Vigurs
Sydney Villers
Gilbert J Vincent
Arthur S Vineer
Victor J Waddington
Lawrence A Wade
F W Wadman
Ronald V Waghorne
Samuel Wagstaffe
John Wainwright
Thomas Waite
Reginald B Wakeman
Arthur Wale
John Wales
John Walker
Nicholas M Walker
Peter R Walker
Robert Walker
William Walker
Herbert Walkey
Henry R Walkling
William Wallace
George W Waller
Walter W Wallis
Ernest Wallwork
Myer Wand
Jack Wandless
George Wanless
Bernard Ward
James R Ward
William E Ward
Alfred G Wardale
John W Wareham
Joseph Waring
Anthony C Warne
Stanley E Warne
Lacey V Warnes
Frank G Warren
Alfred Waterhouse
- Waterman
George A Waterman
Thomas E Watkin
Albert H Watkins
Frederick J Watkins
George J Watler
Arthur B J Watling
Arnold T Watson
Dorothy S Watson
Edward J Watson
James Watson
James Watson
William R Watson
Robert Watt
Charles J Watts
Dennis H J Watts
J Watts
E Waudby
Henry H Wayte
Stanley W Wear
John Weaver
William E Weaver
Percy E Webb
Reginald C Webb
William Webb
Colin Webster
John H Webster
Colin H Weekes
Harold Weightman
John K Weir
Herbert F Wells
Brian L Wembridge
Arthur H Wenborne
Harold W West
Walter W West
A Westbury
Walter C Westgate
William Westwood
John Wharton
Ronald F Wheeler
Charles W Whipps
Charles E White
David O White
Graham R White
Herbert White
Robert White
Walter White
Cecil E Whitehead
Leonard Whitehouse
Harry J Whiteman
John Whiteside
Frederick R Whiting
William Whittaker
Geoffrey R Wicker
Robert W Widger
Ronald C Wiggins
Frank H Wigglesworth
Ernest Wightman
J Wilcox
Marcus J Wiley
Jack Wilkinson
Joseph Wilkinson
George H Willan
Charles Willcox
H G William
Frederick N Williams
J Williams
John Williams
John R Williams
Ewan E Williamson
Derek Willington
Ernest Willn
Frederick Willoughby
Herbert F Willoughby
Lancelot Wilmore
Alfred Wilson
David Wilson
Henry Wilson
James Wilson
Joan E B Wilson
John W Wilson
M Wilson
Ronald Wilson
Ronald Wilson
Thomas J Wilson
William Wilson
William E Wilson
Leslie W G Wilson (BEM)
Herbert C Wiltshire
Francis J Wingfield
Charles G W Wingham
A Winterburn
S Wise
Richard Wishart
Richard Wivill
John Wixey
Herbert T Wolff
Charles Wood
Robert Wood
Stephen H Wood
Walter E Wooder
David Woodhead
L E Woodhead
Robert D F Woodhead
Albert E Woodier
Walter J Woodland
C Woods
George W A Woods
Arthur J Woodward
Arthur H Wootton
T Workman
Jefferey Wornham (GM)
Eric Worrod
Herbert C Wotton
Henry Would
Victor G Wratten
George Wright
George F Wright
John Wright
Joseph H Wright
Robert Wright
W Wright
William Wright
Leslie Wyatt
Reginald G Wyeth
David A Wylie
Alfred Wynn
Robert N Wynne
Darren Yates-Badley
Charles S Yelland
Albert C Young
John Young
Sybil L Young