Pay 2019

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Dear Brother / Sister,

PAY 2019

The Executive Council met yesterday (31 July) to discuss the 2% pay offer from the fire service employers. It was agreed that members should be consulted on their views on the proposals through branches, brigade and regional committees.

It was also agreed that various campaign measures would be put in place in the coming weeks. Executive Council members will report this in more detail to regional committees. The statement agreed by the Executive Council is set out below.


FBU Executive Council position on employers’ pay offer 2019

The Executive Council notes:

The employers offer on pay of 2%.

That this marks a further real terms pay cut.

That this follows a decade of falling real wages, alongside the theft of pension rights and unprecedented cuts.

The Executive Council will now consult with FBU members through our structures. The Executive Council believes it is better that this money is the pockets of FBU members than in bank accounts of our employers. Therefore the rise should be implemented.

The Executive Council notes the decisions of our conference in May this year regarding non-contractual and out of role activity. It is appalling that while our employers continue to oversee the destruction of our service and the falling living standards of our members, they continue to ask FBU members to undertake new areas of work for free, abusing the goodwill of FBU members. This must be challenged.

The FBU has already identified numerous areas of work activity which are outside role. Over the coming period we will work with our members in each service to prepare the ground for a major campaign addressing these issues. This will be part of a wider campaign to make the case for investment in our service, including addressing the urgent need for increased pay.


Please attend your branch meeting and ensure your voice is heard. More information will follow when available.


Best wishes.

Yours fraternally

General Secretary


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