Internal union discipline - Executive Council member: Brother Paul Embery

Circular: 2019HOC0323AD

Dear Brother / Sister


It is not usual for the Union to report matters in respect of an Internal Union Discipline case via an All Members’ circular, but I feel on this occasion it is necessary to provide some limited information in order to ensure that the members are provided with accurate details. This is because Head Office has been in receipt of a number of email communications from members, the content of which indicates that the material that has been circulated is resulting in a false perception of what transpired at the hearing.

An Executive Council-level Internal Union Discipline hearing took place on Wednesday 12 June 2019 to consider a report concerning Executive Council member Paul Embery, where the standard process of presentations and deliberations took place before decisions were made. Evidence in respect of six complaints was heard in accordance with the rules, over a period approaching 12 hours. The outcome was the award of a range of penalties in respect of a total of four complaints by the Executive Council. In the case of one of those complaints, it was resolved to award a debarment lasting two years.

As was explained when making this finding known to Brother Embery on 12 June, the rules allow for an appeal to the Union’s conference which may be an ordinary meeting or an especially recalled conference. It was made clear that the rules require that the sanction, i.e. the debarment, shall not be implemented until:-

  • Either, where there is no appeal e.g. the date of the period for the appeal to be lodged has expired;
  • Or, where an appeal is lodged, the outcome of the appeal has been determined.

Finally, it was made clear that the rules require that in the meantime, Brother Embery’s suspension from office, which took effect in May, shall remain in place until:-

  • Either there is no appeal to be heard;
  • Or, where an appeal has been lodged, the findings of the appeal have been determined.

The period for an appeal to be lodged is 14 days from the date on which the letter confirming the outcomes of the first hearing was sent to the Brother Embery.

This is a factual account.  We do not intend to make further comment.  We intend to respect the due confidentiality required by the process and indeed, Brother Embery has asked for such confidentiality to be observed.

Yours fraternally

Assistant General Secretary                                                                                                           

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