Employers' revised pay proposal

Circular: 2017HOC0509MW

Dear Brother / Sister Following the decision of members that the recent pay proposals were unacceptable, the employers were immediately informed of the outcome. Following their own considerations of...

Pay proposal update


In response to the FBU's reaction to the recent pay proposal Councillor Nick Chard, the chair of the fire service employers, issued the following statement: “In recent weeks, firefighters have...
Matt Wrack joins FBU members in training at Dorset and Wiltshire fire service’s Trowbridge station

Pay, safety and standards

The union’s conference was recalled in Blackpool on 21 March to discuss the state of discussions with our employers at the National Joint Council (NJC). These discussions, agreed by our conference over the past few years, are about the broadened role of our service and the pay and conditions which...