Refugee rescue in the Mediterranean photographer Doug Kuntz

Rescue first, ask questions later

Imagine being holed up on a ship in the Mediterranean with 47 young migrants, many escaping torture, slavery and other forms of abuse. Official boats with flashing blue lights surround you, blocking attempts to land in Syracuse on the southeast coast of Sicily after already being turned away from...

Now and always, resistance!

Firefighters and trade unionists were essential in liberating Italy from fascism. Their history needs to be remembered, writes Riccardo La Torre "The firemen will be there, again in front rank. We will have learnt in the Fire Brigades Union the lessons which must be applied to society as a whole...

Solidarity with the firefighters of Barcelona


You can download a letter from Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, to the trade union that represents firefighters in Spain paying tribute to their work and their country in the wake of terror attacks...


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