Australian firefighters and bushfires

Climate change in action

Raymond Markey of Macquarie University, on the bushfires devastating large parts of Australia - their impact on firefighters and communities and the warnings that went unheeded UNPRECEDENTED ​‘Unprecedented’ is the term regularly applied to the current Australian bushfire crisis, in terms of: -...

Firefighters in Calais with the FBU fire engine

Calais solidarity: a community full of pride

FBU East Midlands regional secretary Adam Taylor on a solidarity visit to refugees in northern France When we arrived in Dover before our ferry crossing to Calais, many conversations were shared about what we expected to find at the refugee camps we were heading to. It would later become apparent...

Refugee rescue in the Mediterranean photographer Doug Kuntz

Rescue first, ask questions later

Imagine being holed up on a ship in the Mediterranean with 47 young migrants, many escaping torture, slavery and other forms of abuse. Official boats with flashing blue lights surround you, blocking attempts to land in Syracuse on the southeast coast of Sicily after already being turned away from...