Inclusive fire service group (IFSG) survey

Circular: 2017HOC0035JM

Dear Brother/Sister The FBU are playing a leading role in the National Joint Council (NJC) led Inclusive Fire Service Group (IFSG) which has been established to develop improvement strategies for the...
Ken Cameron at FBU conference in 1986

Farewell Ken Cameron

Our former general secretary Ken Cameron, a popular, well-known figure in the trade union movement at home and internationally, has died. Born in Scotland, Ken joined the fire service in Birmingham and rapidly became involved in the FBU. He addressed his first conference in 1966 and later became a...

Cheshire firefighter Nic Brennan

A different kind of brave

I don’t want anyone else to feel alone like I did, transgender firefighter Nic Brennan tells William Murphy Two minutes into my conversation with Cheshire firefighter Nic Brennan and he’s already advising me on my new year’s gym routine. “You’ve got to focus on different muscle groups in each...