South Yorkshire Fire Authority is planning to cut £4 million a year by changing crewing levels on fire engines and cutting firefighter posts.

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The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) condemns these proposals, which:

  • Cut the number of firefighters crewing a fire engine from five to four
  • Reduce fire cover by removing the second fire engine at night-time at Doncaster and Sheffield Central fire stations
  • Remove 83 firefighter posts


Five is the minimum number of firefighters needed to safely tackle a blaze. Each of the five firefighters has a specific role and individual responsibilities. If a firefighter is removed from an engine, the rest of the crew has to take on the missing firefighter’s responsibilities.

By cutting crewing levels to four firefighters, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service risks leaving those trapped inside a burning building with less support in a life or death situation and firefighters putting their own lives in greater danger to rescue them.

It is unacceptable that budget shortfalls will result in firefighters and the public being put at greater risk.


Lobby of Parliament

Firefighters descended on Westminster to meet with MPs on 7 May, securing the support of Shadow Fire Minister Karen Lee, Rosie Winterton MP and Paul Blomfield MP, who spent time discussing the planned cuts in South Yorkshire.

They pledged to campaign for fairer funding for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, which has lost 34% of its government funding since 2010.