Firefighter magazine, August 2017


The Grenfell Tower fire was a disaster that should never have been allowed to happen and one which saw FBU members go beyond the call of duty to save as many lives as possible. The August issue of...

Firefighter magazine, June 2017


With a snap general election underway, the latest edition of Firefighter magazine, now online, calls on members to vote for a Labour government which will start investing in public services. Since...

Firefighter magazine, April 2017


The April issue of Firefighter magazine reveals that if firefighters’ pay had kept pace with inflation since 2010, it is estimated that they would be earning £2,000 a year more. Paul Hampton lifts...

Firefighter magazine, February 2017


The first edition of Firefighter in 2017 features a special investigation about the slow creep of privatisation in the UK fire service. In a double page spread, David Wibberley lifts the lid on...

Firefighter magazine, December 2016


This edition of Firefighter has a festive feel with the cover story looking back at firefighting during the Christmas period throughout the years. Matt Wrack appeals for firefighters and retired...


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