Women's-fit personal protective equipment and workwear

Year: 2018

Nominating section: National women's committee

Policy text:

Conference is concerned at the ongoing issue around the total lack of proper women’s-fit Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and workwear uniform. Complaints from our women Members centre on gloves that are too big, shirts that are too long, no women’s fit shoes and completely inadequate PPE. This is a health and safety issue but it also puts our women Member’s in a difficult position by having to complain. Positive Action is high on the agenda nationally yet services up and down the country are not showing the duty of care, its legal obligation to women by providing them with correct fitting PPE and workwear uniform.

Our uniform and PPE is the first line of defence and protection that should be afforded to us as a given. A one size fits all attitude is not acceptable and the health and safety of all our Members is paramount, yet our Members’ safety is being compromised.

Conference calls upon the Executive Council to put immediate pressure on services to resolve this issue as a matter of priority and make sure all forms of uniform and PPE provided comes in correct fitting sizes for women and all our Members.

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