Mobile app

Year: 2018

Nominating section: Warwickshire

Policy text:

Conference notes the ever expanding forms of digital communication and interactive platforms available and Conference also notes the wide range of FBU Members engagement with the various digital platforms currently being utilised by FBU Head Office and Brigade Committees.

Conference applauds the FBU digital communication strategy and welcomes the improvement to the FBU website. Conference recognises the hard work that is put into this by Head Office staff.

Conference agrees that a one-stop digital platform which is exclusive to FBU Members, where membership administration and benefits can be accessed and which also includes access to FBU resources, news and other information is an avenue not yet fully explored.

Conference therefore agrees that the Executive Council should begin a feasibility study into producing a dedicated FBU application which would be available on all mobile devices operating systems to further engage and inform FBU Members and to also give FBU Members an ability to view and maintain their membership details.

Conference agrees that subject to the Executive Council feasibility study, an FBU APP should be created and available to FBU Members by Conference 2019.

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