FBU structures and organisation

Year: 2018  (Resolution no: 03)

Nominating section: EC statement (amended by London and Shropshire)

Policy text:

Conference is proud that over the 100 years of our existence, we have sought to build a campaigning and democratic union specifically for our industry – the fire and rescue service. We continue that tradition today by organising across all sections of the workforce, across all duty systems and in all roles.

Conference commits the FBU to continue to be run as a democratic union, where members retain full sovereignty over the key decisions and direction of the organisation.

Conference underlines the FBU’s goal to ensure the continued existence of our independent firefighters’ union, run by those within the industry now and for the future and remaining an industrial union, intertwined with every aspect of the fire and rescue service in the UK and internationally.

The FBU is the best defence firefighters have for pay and conditions, health and safety, pensions and fair promotion, and all matters relating to the profession. The FBU is the best guarantor to win improvements in all aspects of firefighters’ work.

Conference recognises that the FBU has suffered from more than a decade of savage austerity cuts to the fire and rescue service. This has cut the workforce by 20%, with obvious impacts on our membership. Conference also recognises that the pay cap has meant that FBU subscriptions have not increased significantly.

Conference also recognises that the FBU will need to adapt to further changes which may affect our structures. Divergence into Green Book membership and alternative governance models are two such examples which the Union will need to prepare for.

The executive council believes that the FBU should take all the necessary steps to secure the future of the union and has utilised the services of an external consultant who has experience of auditing organisational structures of trade unions.

Conference acknowledges that local officials and committees have detailed knowledge of how the structures work and can be improved. This audit will involve consulting with and taking the views of members and officials across the union.

It is anticipated that a report from the consultants will be completed by summer 2018 and will be discussed through the structures of the union in autumn 2018.

A report, with recommendations and any proposed rule changes, will be brought to Conference 2019.

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