Emergency fire control

Year: 2018

Nominating section: Dorset and Wiltshire

Policy text:

Conference recognises the vital, lifesaving role that Members in Emergency Fire Control give to the Fire and Rescue Service. This is highlighted at incidents such as the house fire in Warminster on 18 December 2017 when Fire Control gave lifesaving advice to a woman trapped by the fire and made sure she was by a window so that firefighters could carry out an immediate rescue on arrival. Conference recognises that this incident, which is in the finest lifesaving traditions of the Fire and Rescue Service, has been replicated on numerous occasions across UK Fire and Rescue Services.

Conference therefore demands that the Executive Council mount an immediate campaign to raise political awareness of the lifesaving work of Emergency Fire Control with the aim of achieving a rate of pay for Emergency Fire Control Members which is the same as that of the equivalent pay rate for firefighting roles.

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