Cuba blockade

Year: 2018

Nominating section: Lancashire

Policy text:

Conference notes with concern the renewed vigour which the Trump administration has put to the illegal and racist blockade of Cuba.

Conference further notes that in October 2016, the United Nations General Assembly voted for the 25th consecutive year on a resolution calling for an end to the illegal blockade of Cuba, in that vote 191 countries – the largest amount in the vote’s history – voted for an end to the blockade, and historically, zero countries voted against – just the US and Israel abstained. In October 2017, following the election of Donald Trump and his ‘new’ Cuba policy, the US and Israel returned to voting against Cuba’s resolution; 191 countries voted in favour of ending the blockade, 2 against and zero abstentions.

Conference instructs the Executive Council to redouble all efforts to support the abolition of the illegal blockade working with the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, TUC and sister Trade Unions with a Head Office Circular explaining the campaign to be circulated to all Branches in a timely manner.

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