Close proximity crewing

Year: 2015  (Resolution no: 9)

Nominating section: South Yorkshire, as amended by Merseyside

Policy text:

Conference will be aware that Emergency Resolution 10 regarding Day Crew Plus and
Close Proximity Crewing type systems was passed unanimously at Conference in
May 2011. The resolution demanded that the Executive Council:

● Table this issue at the National Joint Council with a view to achieving a joint
circular informing Fire and Rescue Services (FRS’s) that such systems will not
be supported by the NJC;
● Raises this matter with Thompsons seeking urgent legal advice regarding
areas such as the Working Time Directive and Equality legislation;
● Sends out a circular to all members informing them of the dangers of such
systems and urging them not to sign any “expressions of interest”;
● Considers a strategy of co-ordinated action within the FRS’s who are
considering the implementation of such Duty Systems.

In South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue we have had two new Close Proximity Crewing
stations introduced in October 2014. These stations have been introduced without
any agreement with the Fire Brigades Union.

Therefore conference demands that the points raised in Emergency Resolution 10
May 2011 are acted on and also:

● Ensure that all members are made aware by circular of the detrimental impact
these systems have on the firefighter pension schemes.

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