On The T.U.C. 1976 Pay Guidelines And The Economic Programme Set Out In The 1976 T.U.C. Economic Review

Year: 1976  (Resolution no: 0)

Nominating section: E.C. STATEMENT

Policy text:

conference expresses its strong concern that the trades union congress 1976 pay guidelines for a second year do not allow for productivity deals, changes in working arrangements or reductions in hours to be taken into account outside of the levels of the pay guidelines. such firm restrictions can only eventually lead to forms of industrial stagnation harmful to the possibilities of improving the british economy. conference is however, greatly concerned about the bankruptcies and closures in manufacturing industry together with the high level of inflation accompanied by massive long term unemployment. conference considers wage levels to be only one part of the causes of inflation. firm government action is required as called for by the t.u.c. in the 1976 economic review - on price controls - investment direction - much more money for the national enterpise board for job preservation - tighter accountability where government is forced to finance collapsing industry to save jobs. selective import controls are urgently needed not only to reduce the balance of payments deficit, but in some industries to preserve britain's share of the home market to keep down unemployment. it is to this background of a total economic programme that the executive council recommend to conference the endorsement of the trades union congress 1976 pay guidelines whilst continuing on the national joint council with the ongoing evaluation review of the work of a fireman as agreed in the 1975 fire service pay agreement. conference considers the priority of reducing inflation as the overriding factor to protect the future jobs and living standards of british workpeople and calls on the labour government to accept all the essential proposals of the 1976 t.u.c. economic review.

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