Year: 1975  (Resolution no: 0)

Nominating section: E.C.'S POLICY STATEMENT

Policy text:

the union cannot possibly accept the situation where the national employers' side simply refuse to deal with legitimate claims. to do so would be tantamount to having no union. there is no doubt that there has been radical changes in the job of a fireman as envisaged in paragraph 222 of the cunningham report and also in paragraph 286 of the same report. the work load the new fire precautions act will place on the fire service means even more far reaching and radical changes. the union would have to know there was to be a genuine extra payment for these new and wider duties. the most positive way of obtaining such an assurance is by providing an interim payment now. this is the union's claim. it is a genuine trade union claim to establish a working week without overtime. wholetime retained duties are decidedly a form of overtime. the union is entitled to demand these duties cease. the social entitlement to an actual working week of 40 hours for the fire service is long overdue. it is an insult to the men in the fire service to increase officers' annual leave with no corresponding increase in the annual leave of firemen, leading firemen and sub-officers. it is the national employers we are dealing with and the union calls on all members to demonstrate clearly to the national employers where we stand on these matters, and that the fire service cannot tolerate being treated on industrial issues in a manner which would not be contemplated either in industry or in non-emergency life saving services. in pursuance of this programme the executive council recommends to conference that (1) with the exception of a drill period of one hour from 10am to 11am on day shifts from monday to friday, emergency calls only routines should apply at operational fire stations for a period of three months. (2) the union instructs all members to cease performing whole time retained duties or alternatively, their membership of the union will be terminated. (3) the union tables an immediate claim on the national joint council for a reduction in fire service hours to an actual 40 hour week with a shift allowance and enhanced rates for weekend work. the qualified firemen's rate to be achieved on completion of three years' service and the long service increment to apply to the ranks of firemen, leading firemen and sub-officers on completion of 10 years' service. (4) in view of the steep increase in the cost of living since the fire service pay settlement of november 1974 to table on the national joint council the invoking of the exceptional circumstances clause contained in the 1974 fire service pay and hours agreement, claiming an immediate increase to match the increase in the cost of living since the fire service pay settlement. london addendum "and that this item will be dealt with as a matter of priority. there will be no return to normal working until any offer has been considered and voted upon at a recall delegate conference".

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