Policies agreed at the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), dating back to 1975, can be found on this page.


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Adult Dependants

Year: 1975 (120)

this conference demands that the widow's pension provisions be extended to provide identical benefits for approved adult dependants where no widow's pension is payable and that the annual increase in...

Widows' Commutation

Year: 1975 (119)

conference demands that commutation be given to a fireman's widow as of right.

Full Pension - 30 Years

Year: 1975 (109)

conference demands that firemen should be allowed to retire on full pension, plus commutation, after completing thirty years of pensionable service, irrespective of age.

Amend Road Traffic Act

Year: 1975 (106)

in an attempt to make riding a fire appliance a less hazardous task, conference instructs the ec to seek to amend the relevant sections of the road traffic act making it mandatory for all other...

College Rules

Year: 1975 (101)

conference charges the executive council to take immediate positive action to remove fire service technical training college rules which interfere with members' personal liberties during off duty...


Year: 1975 (1)

(incorporating resolutions 61,62,63,64,65,66) conference demands that the executive council press for all travelling expenses incurred by members travelling to and from place of duty be repaid by...

Newmarket Stable Lads

Year: 1975
that this conference sends a telegram of support and a donation, the amount to be decided by the executive council, be sent to the striking stable lads at newmarket conveying the support of this...

Health And Safety At Work

Year: 1975
this conference demands that the fire brigades union through its affiliations to the trades union congress and the labour party movement, vigorously campaign to bring pressure to bear on the...


Year: 1975

the union cannot possibly accept the situation where the national employers' side simply refuse to deal with legitimate claims. to do so would be tantamount to having no union. there is no doubt...