Policies agreed at the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), dating back to 1975, can be found on this page.


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Day Manning

Year: 1975 (48)

this conference calls for the phasing out of the day manning system of duty.

Wholetime Only

Year: 1975 (44)

conference demands that all forms of retained duties on wholetime stations cease by january 1st, 1976.


Year: 1975 (42)

conference demands the abolition of part-time retained firemen on all permanently manned stations. taking note of the intolerable high level of unemployment, plus the evaluation of the fireman and...

Examination Payment

Year: 1975 (41)

this conference demands that a £30 payment be paid for passing promotion examinations, this to be implemented immediately.

Cost Of Living Reviews

Year: 1975 (4)

conference instructs the ec to negotiate an agreement whereby the cost of living, in relation to the rp index, be reviewed quarterly and where there has been any increase then members will receive...

Treble Time - Casual

Year: 1975 (36)

conference demands that the payment of casual overtime be at treble time.

Incremental Telescoping

Year: 1975 (33)

conference demands that after the probationary period all incremental scales for all ranks be abolished and one rate for each position be established.

Forty-Hour Rotas

Year: 1975 (15)

conference demands that well before the forty-hour week is attained, the union through head office issue in booklet form, set rota systems and recommended working hours.

Annual Review Of Pensions

Year: 1975 (123)

this conference instructs the ec to immediately seek to have the annual review of fire service pensions re-negotiated and the increase to be applicable to all retired members regardless of age.

Commutation - Dependants

Year: 1975 (121)

this conference demands that a member's commutation options (contained within the pension scheme) must be extended to his dependants on his death.