Policies agreed at the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), dating back to 1975, can be found on this page.


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Live Rescue Drills

Year: 1975 (98)

conference demands that after yet another death in the course of using live bodies as dummies for rescue drills this practice should be banned forthwith.

Bank Holidays - Sickness

Year: 1975 (97)

conference demands no loss of bank holiday "in lieu" days when on certificated sick leave on that bank holiday.

Increase Scale 'B'

Year: 1975 (96)

conference demands that the three days scale 'b' annual leave should be increased to seven days.

College Disturbance Allowance

Year: 1975 (87)

conference demands that for members attending courses at moreton-in-the-marsh, the following allowances should be made: (1) travelling expenses to be paid for every weekend. (2) a substantial...

Use Of Own Vehicles (Retained)

Year: 1975 (86)

conference demands that the ec negotiate a tax relief for retained members who have to use their own vehicles for availability and manning purposes, also a travel allowance for the wear and tear of...

Outside Employment

Year: 1975 (84)

this conference instructs the executive council to remove from the conditions of service the prohibition of outside employment regulations.

Tied Houses

Year: 1975 (83)

this conference demands that members retiring from tied housing receive from the employer or local authority comparable housing accommodation.

Trade Union Leave

Year: 1975 (82)

conference demands an extension to the existing njc agreement regarding paid leave of absence to include regional committee meetings and the union's annual conference.

Drivers' Insurance

Year: 1975 (80)

conference instructs the ec to reach agreement with the njc to instruct fire authorities to compensate drivers for any increase in their own private insurance as a result of an accident whilst...

Drivers' Insurance

Year: 1975 (79)

conference demands that the executive council be instructed to implement conference policy regarding drivers' insurance (resolution 127, 1973)