Policies agreed at the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), dating back to 1975, can be found on this page.


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Acting Up Payment

Year: 1976 (37)

conference demands that the present waiting qualifications for acting up payment be abolished forthwith and that payments commence from first day of performing the duty.

Treble Time/P.H.S

Year: 1976 (35)

conference demands that all public holidays be paid at treble time rate.

Weekend Working

Year: 1976 (34)

this ocnference declares itself against any extension of the sunday working routine, until an enhanced payment for weekend working has been agreed.

Unsocial Hours

Year: 1976 (33)

this conference demands that immediate negotiations be made to increase the unsocial hours allowance as in keeping with current developments.

Retained Medical And Educational Standards

Year: 1976 (2)

(incorporating resolutions 95 & 96) conference demands that all future entrants into the retained service be subject to the same educational, physical and medical standards as wholetime personnel...

Wholetime Only

Year: 1976 (16)

this conference deplores the system of retained personnel being attached to wholetime stations and request that this system be removed in accordance with last year's resolutions.

Wholetime Only

Year: 1976 (15)

conference demands re annual conference decision that a start me made to phase out retained on wholetime stations immediately.

Reduce Unemployment

Year: 1976 (138)

this conference deplores the high level of unemployment in this country and in particular school leavers unable to find work, and calls upon the labour government to regenerate british industry, as a...

Oppose Reductions

Year: 1976 (137)

conference demands that the executive council oppose nationally any attempt by fire authorities in any brigade to impose redundancies, reductions of authorised establishments and the lowering of the...

Price Controls

Year: 1976 (136)

conference demands that the union call upon our labour government for greater price control in all private sectors including fees charged by the "self employed". for a determined effort be made to...