Policies agreed at the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), dating back to 1975, can be found on this page.


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Union Facilities

Year: 1976 (86)

conference instructs the executive council to demand of our employers that every fire authority must provide every brigade and divisional headquarters with a fully equipped office for the sole use of...

Ban Detached Duties

Year: 1976 (81)

conference demands that all detached duties be banned from the fire service.

Lost Leave

Year: 1976 (80)

this conference demands that all members failing the over 40 medical should be financially reimbursed for any leave entitlement lost.

Leave Entitlement

Year: 1976 (77)

conference demands the removal of the wording (exigencies of duty) from the scheme of conditions of service, as applied to leave entitlement, to operate as from 1st january, 1977.

Working Days

Year: 1976 (75)

conference demands that annual leave be increased to 28 working days.

Equal Allowances

Year: 1976 (67)

conference demands that all uniformed members of the fire service (including recruits and control room staff) receive the same allowances and equal reimbursement of all expenses.

Expelled Members

Year: 1976 (60)

conference demands that any former member who has been expelled from membership of this union for continuing to perform wholetime retained duties shall be expelled from membership for the remainder...

Retained Payments

Year: 1976 (55)

conference demands that the pay structure appertaining to retained and day manning systems of duty should become a three tier system as follows: (a) turn out fee (unchanged); (b) attendance fee (...

Retained Hourly Rate

Year: 1976 (54)

conference demands that the hourly rate for retained firemen be substantially increased, to reflect the wage rates paid in outside industry.