Policies agreed at the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), dating back to 1975, can be found on this page.


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Executive Council Statement On Pay Policy

Year: 1977
1. no voluntary ceiling on pay after careful consideration of all the factors involved the executive council while acknowledging the urgent political need to control prices and combat inflation, do...

Live Carry Downs

Year: 1976 (98)

conference demands that the union do not try to end the live carry downs, incorporated during the thirteen weeks initial recruit training programme.

Retained Training

Year: 1976 (97)

conference demands in the best protective interests of life and property of the public and professional standards of our national fire service, that the national training and promotion requirements...

Industrial Waste Hazard

Year: 1976 (94)

conference views with concern the continuing practice being used in the disposal of industrial chemical waste. in view of dangers likely to be associated with the indiscriminate dumping of...

Fs Industrial Disease

Year: 1976 (93)

this conference demands that coronary ailments be treated as an industrial disease within the fire service.

Operational Safety

Year: 1976 (91)

conference demands that this union demands greater cash effort and integrity by the cfbac in research for safer operational working conditions for british firemen. in particular to obtain...

Firemen'S Health

Year: 1976 (90)

in the light of recently published scientific and medical evidence showing that exposure to smoke at fire is harmful, hazardous and has a direct effect on the health of firemen who are exposed to...

Hazardous Loads

Year: 1976 (89)

conference demands in the interest of safety, that a uniform compulsory system of marking be adopted on all forms of transport within the united kingdom carrying hazardous loads.

Road Traffic Act

Year: 1976 (88)

this conference reaffirms its complete opposition to the amendment of the road traffic act, allowing fire appliance drivers to go through traffic lights at red.