Policies agreed at the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), dating back to 1975, can be found on this page.


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Non-Contributory Scheme

Year: 1977 (126)

conference demands that the firemen's pension scheme should remain as at present. but it should be non-contributory.

Firemen In Local Government

Year: 1977 (125)

conference demands that the executive council take steps to amend the local government 1973 (scotland) act, to allow firemen the right to stand for election to any tier of local government.

Devolution And Regional Government

Year: 1977 (124)

conference recognises that a more realistic way of operating an efficient fire brigade in this country can be brought about by regional government and instructs the executive council to become fully...

Appliance Maintenance

Year: 1977 (109)

conference demands a national standard of appliance maintenance to be supervised by the ministry of transport department.

One Exams Board

Year: 1977 (105)

conference demands that the union should continue to strive for the abolition of the educational paper in the leading fireman's promotional examination, and that there should be one examination board...

Standardise Exams

Year: 1977 (104)

conference demands that all fire brigade exams be of a national standard, i.e. probation, qualified fireman, etc.

No Reduction In Manning

Year: 1977 (102)

this conference reaffirms the principle that there will be no reduction in manning and conditions for the present and future duty systems.

Code Of Practice

Year: 1977 (101)

conference instructs the executive council to bring pressure on both the t.u.c. and the government to introduce a code of practice which would be backed up by legislation at the earliest opportunity...

Non-Working Days - Sickness

Year: 1977 (100)

this conference demands that any person absent from duty, due to sickness or injury, on any day treated by the national insurance as a non-working day (especially public holidays), that person should...

Week-End Pay

Year: 1977 (1)

(incorporating 23, 25 & 26) conference instructs the executive council to press for realistic enhanced payment for week-end working...