JACKPOT! More ways to win the Firefighters 100 Lottery than ever before

There are more chances to win in the Firefighters 100 Lottery than ever before, with new changes to prize structures coming in next month. Each week, there will three tiers of guaranteed winners, so that more than 70 people can take home a prize.

Launched to mark the FBU’s centenary last year, the Firefighters 100 Lottery raises funds for the union’s vital charitable and memorial work, while each ticket comes with the chance to win up to £25,000.

Starting from Saturday 12 October, the lottery will have a new prize structure, making it even more likely that you might win.

Tam McFarlane, FBU national officer, said:

“The FBU’s centenary commemorated our fallen brothers and sisters over the last century, and the Firefighters 100 Lottery helps continue that vital work. In the year since we launched the lottery, we’ve raised a huge amount of money for important causes. We want to build on that this year – if the lottery grows, we can do even more incredible work.

“Every week, we see people get the extra boost they need from winning the Firefighters 100 lottery – it’s great. that even more people are going to get to know that feeling. If you aren’t playing yet, now is the time to join!”

Over £400,000 has been raised so far through the lottery, supporting projects like the Red Plaque scheme, commemorating the bravery and sacrifice of firefighters killed and injured in the line of duty, and to charities like Kids on the Green, supporting the children of the Grenfell community.

At least 50p from each £1 ticket will continue to fund the FBU’s charitable and memorial work and to establish a fund for the future benefit of firefighters, their bereaved families and the firefighting profession.

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