Firefighters in London training for major incident

Fire chief urged to drop Boris Johnson's plan to save money ahead of lives, following public opposition

The overwhelming majority of Londoners are against Boris Johnson’s plan to axe 13 fire engines from the capital,  according to the results of a London Fire Brigade (LFB)  public consultation on proposals to make cuts of £13.2m to the capital’s fire and rescue service, published 9 February 2016. 

The consultation, which ran from 7th December to 1st February,  found that just 18% of the London public support axing the 13 fire engines.  Some 70% of respondents supported Labour’s plan to achieve the savings by reducing back office spending and introducing alternate crewing on some specialist fire engines.  A further 11% opposed both cuts proposals. 

Paul Embery, Fire Brigades Union (FBU) regional secretary for London, said: “This consultation shows that the public acknowledge the dangers to life that will be posed by cutting appliances in our capital so severely.  No-one wants this, and the LFB Commissioner has to now accept that public opinion does matter.  Boris Johnson’s awful, unpopular idea to save money isn’t a good one.  Lives and safety have to come first.” 

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