Jeremy Corbyn

Firefighters' union welcomes Jeremy Corbyn's vision of a more equal Britain

The Fire Brigades Union were one of the first unions to back Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the Labour party.  Matt Wrack, general secretary of the FBU said: “Jeremy Corbyn is a welcome breath of fresh air in this current climate where profit and the acquisition of wealth for the few is given priority over fairness and equality for society overall.”

Responding to Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to fight the government all the way over the proposed Trades Union Bill, Wrack said: “It is heartening to hear that the new leader of the Labour party is 100% behind repealing this appalling legislation.  His comments about how this government champion deregulation in every area except the trade union movement will resonate with trade union members all over the country.  Corbyn is very good news for firefighters and other public sector workers whose unions are fighting hard to protect their right to strike.

“Corbyn’s vision of lawyers and police trawling through bits of paper to find out who said what about their employer is exactly what we at the FBU fear if the Bill gets through.  We are very glad to have the new Labour leader on our side, battling against this terrible, direct attack on the rights of ordinary working people.”

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